Tenerife, has several of the most special tourist corners of the entire planet. Wild nature, dream beaches, first class gastronomy and towns with unparalleled charm. In the previous post we talked about some of the most beautiful towns on the island, such as Garachico, Masca or Puerto de la Cruz. This time we are going to discover more towns on the Canary Island. We remind you that it is very easy to reach these destinations via transfer from the two Tenerife airports and stay in these beautiful places. In this issue we are going to visit the southern part of the island, a very touristy corner that is worth visiting. Remember you can book a Tenerife Airport Transfer with Orange Bus (Mendoza Bus sign in Tenerife South and North Airport).


Abades is one of the most mysterious towns in Tenerife. It has a curious history, that of the unfinished building conceived as a sanatorium and crematorium for lepers and that is surrounded by many legends. Apart from that, the town of Abades is a delight for visitors, with many restaurants where you can eat. Its historic center houses several interesting points linked to the heritage of the island. The Convent of Our Lady of Guadalupe and San Pablo stand out, which was recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest in the year 198. The Casa Fuerte is another of the nerve centers of tourism in the town. In addition, the municipality’s coasts are among the best for practicing water sports such as diving, regardless of your level, and there are several schools for beginners.


Located a short distance from Abades is Arico, right at the foot of Mount Teide. This town is characterized by the presence of endless ravines. Arico is a municipality that is made up of nine different zones and each one has something to offer the visitor. The Villa de Arico, Arico el Nuevo and Caserío de Icor form the population centers with the greatest tourist attraction. In a natural key, it is recommended to visit the Tamadaya ravine to finish our Arico el Viejo route. Among its numerous monumental heritage, the Church of San Juan Bautista, the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Luz and San Bartolomé stand out.

El Puertito

Although it is part of Adeje, El Puertito deserves a separate point. We are talking about a small town that is located a few kilometers from the main port of Adeje. In it we will discover just a handful of white houses, but what is most surprising are the old inhabited caves that have become the home of many of the residents of the area. El Puertito de Adeje is a very good place to relax and enjoy its beautiful beach, away from the tourist crowds of other corners of this Canary Island.


Arona had its takeoff and opening to tourism in the 1960s. It is the third most populous municipality in all of Tenerife and four different areas that are differentiated by the name of their beaches. Perhaps the best known is Los Cristianos, a fishing village that has evolved into a first-rate tourist destination. In fact, it is in Los Cristianos where you will find more fishing charm among its streets and the facades of its buildings. Strolling through the town is synonymous with discovering the maritime secrets of one of the places with the most maritime connections in Tenerife. Indeed, around the port of Los Cristianos, one can immerse oneself in the charm of a typical fishing village and enjoy the best products of the sea in one of the many restaurants in the area, apart from its well-kept beaches with all services necessary for tourism.

La Caleta

La Caleta is a small coastal town located a few kilometers from Costa Adeje, a place where the sea waters have a beautiful turquoise color. Beyond tourism, fishing is the main economic activity in La Caleta, which is why fresh fish and shellfish are the stars of the local gastronomy. It is a charming town where you can eat, walk and have a snack, although its beaches may not be the most accessible in the area, since they are protected by large cliffs and to access to take a dip in the ocean it is necessary to descend a good number of stairs.