Tenerife is one of the most special and varied tourist destinations in the world. This is due to the special conditions of the island, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at a crossroads between Europe, Africa and America and with unique climatic characteristics. The height of the island favors multiple landscapes within a small space. We can find beaches, colonial towns, typical gastronomy and dreamlike natural landscapes, from the laurel forest to the lunar landscape of the slopes of Mount Teide. So today we invite you to join us to discover some of the most magical corners of Tenerife. But first things first: don’t forget to plan your trip before arrival, keep in mind if you land at the north or south airport, book your Tenerife transfer to get to the selected accommodation, leave your bags and get ready to enjoy.

Climb Mount Teide

In a self-respecting trip to Tenerife, you cannot miss the ascent to the icon of the island, El Teide. This is one of the main activities that can be carried out in Tenerife, the climb to the highest point in Spain, Mount Teide, a volcano over 3,700 meters high that is located in the heart of the island of Tenerife. You can access the base by car or bus and then reach the summit by cable car. From there the views of the ocean, the other islands and Tenerife itself are simply spectacular. It is recommended to reserve in time.

Roques de García

Located less than five kilometers from the Teide cable car station is one of the most famous rocky complexes in the Canary Islands and in all of Spain: Los Roques de García. These strange vertical rock formations are the result of thousands of years of erosion by natural elements of different volcanic materials. These rocks make up one of the most characteristic snapshots of the island of Tenerife. Indeed, the image of Roque Cinchado, with Mount Teide in the background, was the image selected to illustrate the old Spanish thousand-peseta banknotes.

A route through the Anaga mountains

The Anaga Rural Park is a mountainous massif located in the northeast of the island of Tenerife. This place was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and there are plenty of reasons. Within the park there are many trails. The Enchanted Forest stands out above them, already inside the El Pijaral reserve. During the route you can see the laurel forest at its best with the famous giant ferns. It is necessary to obtain a permit through the internet to carry out the path. After that, the day is completed with the views of Taganana and the descent to Benijo beach, one of the most spectacular in the Canary Islands.

Watch cetaceans off the coast of Adeje

It is true that many travelers are wary of this activity because they do not want to disturb the animals in freedom. In Tenerife, respect for the environment is one of the maxims, which is why the whale watching offers meet very strict standards and are ecological and responsible. On board the boats it is almost guaranteed to see all kinds of cetaceans, from whales to dolphins in their natural habitat. Prepare your camera.

Access to Punta de Teno

Punta de Teno is the most western point of Tenerife. The access road is already a marvel in itself. On its way it winds through huge cliffs and tunnels until it reaches this isolated peninsula. You must always take into account the possible restrictions on the road, since it is sometimes closed to private traffic and can only be accessed by buses. But the show is worth it. A dip in Punta de Teno overlooking the huge cliffs of Los Gigantes is one of the experiences that is marked in the retina of all travelers who come here.