It is often said about Tenerife that on this Canary Island there is a bit of all the others. This is due to the variety of landscapes, natural environments and climates that characterize this wonderful destination located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. El Teide stands out fundamentally, with its 3,718 meters high (the highest point in the national geography of Spain). From the famous volcano, located in the heart of the island, you can see unique landscapes in the world. During the winter months, its snowy contours contrast with the image of bathers enjoying the sun on one of its many beaches. If you still have doubts about what your next destination is, don’t hesitate. Select your flight, book the transfer to your accommodation and get ready to enjoy one of the most impressive corners that can be visited on the planet. Remember you can do all this after booking a Tenerife Airport Transfer.

The natural beauty of the island of Tenerife stands out for its exuberant vegetation intermingled with arid zones, rocky beaches of volcanic origin with black sand and great waves, beaches of fine golden sand and calmer waters, modern metropolises such as the capital, Santa Cruz, or towns with charm and artistic heritage such as La Orotava or La Laguna, holiday centers such as Puerto de la Cruz or Los Cristianos… the truth is that Tenerife offers a wide variety of plans that can be carried out by all audiences. Today we want to highlight the following, perfect for all visitor profiles.

Loro Parque, nature in hand

Loro Parque is located very close to Playa Jardín, in the municipality of Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of the island. This park, with an extension of some 135,000 square meters of land, is one of the most visited in the entire Canary archipelago. Travelers from all corners come every year to see the largest and most diverse parrot reserve on Earth. There are many more species of animals and plants that inhabit this great tropical location and that will delight children and adults. Loro Parque has received several international awards and has been awarded on numerous occasions as the Best Zoo in the world on the specialized website Trip Advisor. This place allows the possibility of getting to know hundreds of parrots up close and also other wild animals such as gorillas, lions, turtles, hippos, sharks, killer whales, sea lions, penguins, flamingos or crocodiles in an environment that perfectly reproduces their habitats. natural. Pyramids of Guimar How about a little culture and history?

Pirámides de Güímar (Pyramids)

Ethnographic Park and Botanical Garden is a complex of some 64,000 square meters to which the famous explorer, adventurer and ethnographer of Norwegian origin Thor Heyerdahl dedicated much of his life. Since the 1990s, it has dedicated itself to preserving and protecting several pyramids with a stepped shape that are located in this place, near the town of Güímar, and prevented them from being destroyed by the advance of urban development in the area. The origin of these majestic pyramids is not entirely clear. There are those who point out that they were erected by ancient inhabitants of the islands in honor of their gods, others believe that they are mere mounds built by farmers. The truth is that today a visit to the complex is one of the best cultural excursions that can be carried out in Tenerife. It is located just 28 kilometers from the capital, Santa Cruz, and has a museum, an auditorium and a botanical garden where you can see species of poisonous plants.

Barranco del Infierno (Ravine)

For the most daring, the Barranco del Infierno is the ideal place. It is a beautiful landscape with a great geological interest that is located in the Tenerife municipality of Adeje. Approximately 50% of its land is protected. Like the Barranco del Infierno Special Nature Reserve. Inside it you can take a hiking tour that goes through deep gorges, waterfalls and deep caves where the Guanches, the native inhabitants of the Canary Islands, lived. The round trip stretches approximately 6.5 kilometers, covered in less than two hours. During the tour you can appreciate different types of flora and fauna, contemplate the breathtaking views from viewpoints and witness the Caidero, a large waterfall through which the waters that emanate from the nearby Roque Abinque descend.

Tenerife Carnival

We leave for the end what is the most outstanding popular festival in Tenerife, as well as one of the most important carnivals in the world, along with those of Rio de Janeiro, Venice, New Orleans or the also Spanish Cádiz. It is the celebration with the most charm and color in all of Tenerife and where its inhabitants live it with greater intensity. Throughout the year the costumes are prepared and the celebrations are prepared to fully enjoy these days of celebration where (almost) anything goes. Declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest, the unmissable moments must be pointed out: the gala for the election of the Carnival Queen, a competition in which dress, elegance and poise are rewarded; the Cavalcade, where the entire population comes decked out in their best costumes, and the Coso, a great parade that runs along the seacoast where queens and bridesmaids, floats and musical groups participate. Undoubtedly one of the experiences that everyone should enjoy at least once in their life.